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12 February 2007
Lodsworth, United Kingdom

Wow .... made it back home in one piece and couldnt wait ! Mumbai was getting a little more than hectic and the thought of the lovely english countryside was always on our minds. The flight was great, good old BA ! ten h..

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Nanning - One hell of a trip to China
Journal Date: 29 December 2006
Journal Location: Nanning - China
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This is the journey to beat them all -

1. taxi from hotel in Hanoi to bus station.

2. bus to Vietnam border (3hrs)

3. golf cart from china border to bus !

4. bus from china border to Nanning (4hrs)

5. Taxi to train station (could not get a night ticket)

6. Taxi to bus station in Nanning

7. Overnight sleeper bus from Nanning to Guangzhou. (11hrs)

8. Taxi from bus station to bus station at a hotel.

9. Bus to Hong Kong border (2 hrs)

10. Bus from Hong Kong border to Hong Kong (1 hr)

11. Taxi to hotel

We started this trip at 7:30 am on one day and arrived in Hong Kong at 2:00 pm the following day , a total of 30.5 hrs.