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12 February 2007
Lodsworth, United Kingdom

Wow .... made it back home in one piece and couldnt wait ! Mumbai was getting a little more than hectic and the thought of the lovely english countryside was always on our minds. The flight was great, good old BA ! ten h..

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Hanoi - Vietnam for Christmas
Journal Date: 22 December 2006
Journal Location: Hanoi - Viet Nam
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After another massive 14hrs in a train we are in Hanoi. The train was not so bad as we had a soft sleeper but finding our hotel was a real pain.

happy christmas ... Hanoi style

This small lake between the Old Quarter and the French Quarter is central to Hanoian folklore. A ghostly shrine (the Turtle Pagoda) standing on an islet at its center pays homage to a golden turtle. In the 15th century, this heroic reptile is said to have returned a magic sword to its home in the lake after it had been taken.

Recently the government changed his official death day to September 2[21][22]. His embalmed body was put on display in a granite mausoleum modeled after Lenin's Tomb in Moscow