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12 February 2007
Lodsworth, United Kingdom

Wow .... made it back home in one piece and couldnt wait ! Mumbai was getting a little more than hectic and the thought of the lovely english countryside was always on our minds. The flight was great, good old BA ! ten h..

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Mumbai - India
Journal Date: 23 January 2007
Journal Location: bombay - India
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Travelling today on the train to Mumbai, start at 4:30pm and arrive the next morning at 8:30 am.

Have arrived safely, train was very good, clean and food was great !!

So far the Indian food has been very good, the city life is very hectic and the people are friendly.

cricket anyone ... everyday you can find many people playing at the oval maidan , the high court is in the background

this is Rajabai clock tower modelled on Big Ben and built in 1880

The 'Taj' opposite the gateway of India and the harbour. Built in 1903 it is one of the major attractions of Mumbai and a big meeting place for both tourist's and locals.

and the attached tower which is not so grand !

the 'gateway of India' built by the british to welcome King George and Queen Mary in 1911.