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12 February 2007
Lodsworth, United Kingdom

Wow .... made it back home in one piece and couldnt wait ! Mumbai was getting a little more than hectic and the thought of the lovely english countryside was always on our minds. The flight was great, good old BA ! ten h..

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cricket anyone ... everyday you can find many people playing at the oval maidan , the high court is in the backgroundthis is Rajabai clock tower modelled on Big Ben and built in 1880The and the attached tower which is not so grand !
the this is the lovely beach at Agonda just down the road from us. It is uncrowded and peaceful unlike some of the others !!the local school at Agondaon the road from Agonda to Palolemlovely rice fields near Palolem
hmmm .. this is behind the beach side of Paradise ! this was a very busy beach ... not our scene man !what mcdonalds eat !! and the smell was to die for ...hi ... just to show we are still alive     :o)

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