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12 February 2007
Lodsworth, United Kingdom

Wow .... made it back home in one piece and couldnt wait ! Mumbai was getting a little more than hectic and the thought of the lovely english countryside was always on our minds. The flight was great, good old BA ! ten h..

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a on the way to Kings Canyon you pass Mt Connor another less known rock than Uluru but still impressivethis is Kings Canyon ... you can walk around the top which takes 3 hrshard work on a hot day .. lucky for us it was cloudyyou can walk into the
a secluded water hole at the end of a canyon ... a bit too nippie for a swim !more amazing views from the top of Kings Canyonand that new camera tripod is coming in handy ....hope you enjoy the views of Kings Canyon as much as we did view of darwin harbour near the art gallery/maritime museum
towards downtown Darwinthis is Yellow River .. we took a boat trip to meet the localsand this was the first .. a nice 4m long man eating (or woman !) beastienot the performing type .. but the hungry type , just waiting for someone to make a mistakescary up close .. and a worthwhile trip down the river .. the sunset trip is meant to be even better
this is a picture of Nourlangie Rock in Kakadua sacred aboriginal site and this billabong was just around the corner ... no crocsdriving can be hazardous ... these cows run free , and check out those termites !
this is the state of the roads in places .. down to one lane with dirt either side what a coincidence .. found our own beach !and what a lovely beach it isonly 2km of the main road .. right next to Mossman Golf course
this is the lovely scenery close to Cairns ... what a change from that very long desert stretch from Darwinand guess what ?? one of the sister cities this is Cairns Marina taken from outside our hostelour first dive team about 9m deep ... pictures taken using a cheap $35 camera (as you can see !)it does not pick up the coral very clearly
boat trip took about 1.5 hrs out to the reef and it was a little rough at times , winds were about 15-20 knotswho is that in front ??its scubbie tiff ..... like a naturalwe went to 18.1m on the first dive , then 16m on our second dive
uh oh ... tiffgreat white maybe ... but not a shark !!paul giving tiff the ok , another great dive trip. We managed to see one reef shark , two turtles , large parrot fish , clown fish , sea cucumbers (which you cannot eat) , a baramundi Cod , and walls of coral.Mission Beach south of Cairnsand not many people around ... lovely little village behind the beach
Bowen Beach near Airlieran into these people again ... looks like they have put on some weight !visited whitehaven beach ... 5km of amazing white silica sandnothing else on the beach though ... just tourist
and a load of boat people .....one of the 72 whitsunday islands ... Awonga Lake .... home of the Barramundi .. a very large fish !We visited Fraser Island and this is the ONLY way around ... all the tracks are sand and 4wheel is a mustthere is a tropical rain forst at the heart of fraser .. amazing when the island is made up of sand

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