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12 February 2007
Lodsworth, United Kingdom

Wow .... made it back home in one piece and couldnt wait ! Mumbai was getting a little more than hectic and the thought of the lovely english countryside was always on our minds. The flight was great, good old BA ! ten h..

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we are meant to fly up from Melbourne to Sydney but as we are here and time is short we have cancelled that flightwe have loved our visit to Australia and tomorrow we leave for Bangkok , where the real travelling begins !this is the street close to Kings Cross that we stayed in ....Wat Phra Kaew which houses the Emerald Buddha
the following are various pictures taken around the Emerald Buddha site ... Bangkok
ooppss .. how did this picture get in !! not supposed to have this one
this is the main river (Chao Phraya) that runs through bangkok and is used by everyone .... looks dirty but you should see the fish they catch Wat Trimitr buddha , 3 metres high and a few tons of gold
a temple we passed on the way to the golden  mountview from the top of Phukhao Thong Wat Saket (the golden mount)this is one of the minor canals ( Kiang San Sap ) that run around Bangkok and a great way to get wet this is the view of Ao Nang beach from our roomour first hostel was nice ... but didnt have this view
took a speed boat trip around the Ko Phi Phi IslandsKo Phi Phi was devasted by the Tsumani ... but the tourist trade is picking upKo Phi Phi beaches ... good beach front bars and many tourist boatslocal fishing boats at Koh Phi Phi
and this is the local taxi service .. notice the engine !on our boat trip we visited other small islands around Phi Phi , this cave was used during WWII to hide the locals one of our snorkel stops near Phi PhiSnorkelling near Phi Phi
this was another stop over beach near Phi Phi .. snorkelling was not so good !on the ferry to ko Phangan .. this storm was following us overstorm on the way to Ko Phanganthis is the hut we stayed in at Bankai Beach ... lovely place , shit service !
this is the view from our hut at Bankai Beachviews from Bankai Beachview from Bankai Beachon one of our moped trips around the island we stopped at a nice bar and this was the view .. facing toward the harbour on Ko Phangan
we decided to move to another part of the Island and this is our current hut ... only 10 UK pounds a night !and this is the veiw from the hut at Aow PlaayLaemmore of the view at Aow PlaayLaemthe beach at Aow PlaayLaemis that a mermaid on the rocks ....

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