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Product Description

Our Travel Journals are designed to provide busy, active travelers the ability to create a comprehensive journal of their adventures.  Using the smallest amount of time and effort you can create fantastic chronological accounts of your travels and include hundreds of photos for your family and friends to drool over.

It's a secure place to keep all of your photos while traveling and can save you cash by not needing to keep all your pics on expensive memory cards. You also have the security that should your camera be lost or stolen your treasured photos and memories are safe and secure in your online journal.

It's also the perfect gift for anyone who is planning to do some world travel, such as GAP year students, work colleagues on sabbatical and friends.  Using this journal you will always be able to keep up with all the latest news from your friends and family and with prices starting from 9.99 it won't break the bank either.

Product Features:

  • Unlimited journal entries, arranged in chronological order
  • From 10Mb - 500Mb of storage space for your images (start small and add more space as and when you need it)
  • Message board to allow your friends and family to leave you messages (public and private)
  • Interactive Route Map so you can plot your journey on a zoomable global map
  • NEW! Send international SMS text messages from your travel journal at a low fixed rate.
  • NEW! Address book to store all those important contact details
  • Mailing list which allows you to easily tell all your friends when you have updated your journal
  • Simple file management page allows you to download your images from the site at any time in 1 zip file.
  • Customise your site with one of our many travel journal templates.
  • Easy to use admin interface to manage and update all the information in your travel journal
  • By storing all your photos on the site you save the need to buy expensive extra memory cards for you digital camera to store all the images until you return home.
  • Gives you peace of mind and security that you won't loose all your images should your camera be lost or stolen
  • By keeping a journal as you travel all your memories are fresh and so you will build up a priceless collection of memories that you will want to return to for many years to re-live your traveling days.
  • When you have completed your journal you can have it stored onto cd to provide a permanent record of your travels.